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TI-99/4A Readers may remember my attempts to do an in-console 32k upgrade, which failed with two separate techniques and I thought I'd killed the board.

Readers may also remember my recommendation to replace the console power switch as soon as one receives a console.

Turns out that I should have heeded my own advice. I finally got around to looking at the "dead" board. It powered up. Then it didn't. Then it did again, three times in a row, then refused to turn on.

Swapping the power switch with a DPDT rocker fixed that. I removed the 4116s while I was at it, because with a F18A they only consume power and generate heat.

So, closure. There's a rule in this house: either it works, or is in the process of being fixed, or it goes in the trash. I can now justify keeping this console to the wife. And this console has the known-good 16-bit 32k expansion, not the 8-bit possibly-misdocumented expansion, so I can swap it for the unexpanded console and get stuff done faster.


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