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Building the HxC command-line tool

TI-99/4A As previously noted, I've replaced the floppy drives in my TI gear with HxC floppy emulators.

There are both GUI and command-line tools to convert floppy disk image files to the HxC's native HFE format. I needed to implement proper 80-track DSSD support for my TI floppy images. The build framework for the CLI tool is sort of a mess; to make things easier, I cloned the git repos (four of them!) and refactored the code as follows:

  • Changed libraries from shared to static by default. There's no reason whatsoever to have shared libraries for a single command-line tool (and I'd also argue against the need for shared libraries when building both CLI and GUI versions)
  • Changed the framework to build out of the repository as cloned from git. The original author appears to still be using subversion on SourceForge; as such, the project cannot be built straight from the repo without Makefile modification
  • Removed a few Linux-isms to allow this to be built on FreeBSD (and, by extension, pretty much any POSIX platform)
  • Use my rewritten TI V9T9 image conversion logic. This derives the target disk format from the geometry embedded in sector 0 of the HFE image, rather than guess based on image size. This is much more reliable than the logic in the mainstream tool, and has not yet been merged into the original author's codebase
  • Here's how to build:

  • mkdir hxcfe
  • cd hxcfe
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • git clone
  • cd libhxcadaptor/build/
  • make
  • cd ../../libhxcfe/build/
  • make
  • cd ../../libusbhxcfe/build/
  • make
  • cd ../../HxCFloppyEmulator_cmdline/build/
  • make
  • Enjoy.


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