LineageOS 14.1 Sustaining Build for HTC 10 (pme)

By request, I’ve added the HTC 10 (pme) to the LineageOS 14.1 “build rooster”. Same deal as all the other builds — generated weekly, available at

As a side note, I’d like to publicly thank Adam_J_T from the XDA forum for his very kind donation toward defraying server hosting costs.

About Chris Kobayashi

I'm a security systems engineer, specializing in UNIX, network, and physical security. I'm in Tokyo, and I'm mostly retired now. I'm well-versed in both electrical and software engineering, with a particular interest in old computers and game consoles. You can contact me here.
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3 Responses to LineageOS 14.1 Sustaining Build for HTC 10 (pme)

  1. Scott Fren says:

    hi, thanks so much for making this build available to us.

    I’ve been building LOS 14.1 pme for MicroG via

    but haven’t been able to get it to compile since around 1/17/20.

    If it’s not too much trouble, I’m wondering could you please share a few details on how you’re compiling this? i.e. via someone’s docker? manually? Any special tweaks? Ubuntu based x.x ? etc

    I need to get it compiled again then apply the microg patches manually if necessary, and I’m just trying to reduce the rabbit hole factor as much as I can thanks!

    • Hello Scott,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      My builds are generated on a virtual machine running Arch Linux (hosted on an ESXi here at Muppet Labs, for what it’s worth).

      My build script is here. It will undoubtably need tweaking for your environment (hardcoded paths and so forth) but it should be fairly straightforward.

      For LineageOS 14, you’ll need to put a wrapper for ninja at the beginning of your path:

      #! /bin/bash
      /usr/bin/ninja -w dupbuild=warn $*

      … and also have a symlink from python2 to python early on.

      That should get you going. Enjoy 🙂

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