No more AtariAge.

Well, there I was basking in the warmth that was the TI-99/4A AtariAge forum. I felt comfortable, I was among friends (some of whom I wouldn’t like in real life, I think, but at least civil people).

However, I forgot rule one for non-Americans: don’t point out the decline of the American civilization to Americans, even if you are or used to be one. It never ends well.

So, to avoid more bloodshed, I’ve withdrawn from AA. I’m pretty turned off on the whole TI-99/4A scene at the moment; if I do any more hardware work on this machine, I will post here rather than AA.

Sorry, Ksarul/IM/Tursi/ralphb. You guys are okay. I don’t much care for the country that two of you live in (three, if we count China), but that doesn’t (or, rather, shouldn’t) affect our friendship.

Your cohorts at AA, however … I don’t care to associate with people like that.

You guys can always reach me here, or via email.


About Chris Kobayashi

I'm a security systems engineer, specializing in UNIX, network, and physical security. I'm in Tokyo, and I'm mostly retired now. I'm well-versed in both electrical and software engineering, with a particular interest in old computers and game consoles. You can contact me here.
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3 Responses to No more AtariAge.

  1. Chris Kobayashi says:

    This comment was trapped in the spam filter, and I found it when I migrated the site:

    “I second that, and I wasn’t even talking politics there. There was a thread a few years ago that asked if the F18A was ideal, or something to that effect, and I commented that it’s too expensive, and that VGA itself is an obsolete analogue format, that we need something with HDMI, etc. Boy, did that rub some egos the wrong way—instead of discussion about the hardware itself, I got back just personal attack after personal attack. I decided not to hang around on Atariage either anymore.

    “Lo and behold, I hear the creator of the F18A is now working on a board with HDMI-out after all. Wasn’t such a bad idea to begin with, now was it?

    “Besides the TI community politics, the U.S. community has a lot of eagle-clawing, flag-flying, media-bashing Trump supporter conservative nut jobs. I’ve blocked a couple of them on Facebook. For that reason, I have a hard time picturing myself ever attending any of the faires or other get-togethers in the USA – it’s just too many tiny-brained bitter conservatives for my liking.”

    Thanks, Brian. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one.

  2. Jim Fetzner says:

    Hey Chris, it looks like all of the Horizon RAMDISK posts (from 2015/2016) have disappeared (along with the UberGROM software builds you made). Will those things be reappearing?

    • Hi Jim,

      It’s great to hear from you.

      I hope to have the rest of the content back up mid-tomorrow. The script that I was using to migrate s9y to WordPress had serious issues (of course, going from PostgreSQL to MySQL didn’t help), so I’m cutting-and-pasting from a database dump. I restored the low-hanging fruit first 🙂

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