LineageOS 14.1 sustaining builds for Moto Z Play and Moto G4

It appears that my LineageOS 14.1 sustaining build service has been well-received. Some folks have pinged me on XDA about adding more devices; there’s still enough space on the web server, so I’ve added them.

Weekly builds for the Motorola Moto Z Play (addison) and Motorola Moto G4 (athene) are at https://lineageos.disavowed.jp/addison and https://lineageos.disavowed.jp/athene.

As with the others, they’re built against the latest LineageOS source tree and therefore incorporate the latest available security patch (currently 05 October 2019).

Please drop me a line if you would like devices added to the build roster. I’ll keep this service going as long as there is interest (and I can afford the hosting bill!)

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