Franklin ACE 1000 emulation added to MAME

Over the past few months, I’ve been refurbishing a pair of Franklin ACE 1000s. I plan to write a series of articles documenting the things I’ve learned along the way; despite the popularity of these Apple ][+ clones in the 80’s, very little hardware documentation appears to have survived.

One of the things I did to help the repair process was to add Franklin ACE 1000 emulation to MAME. The pull request was merged this morning (, so it will be in the next release of MAME.

The ROM set is available at This set contains the real Franklin character ROM, which doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else.

Enjoy 🙂

About Chris Kobayashi

I'm a security systems engineer, specializing in UNIX, network, and physical security. I'm in Tokyo, and I'm mostly retired now. I'm well-versed in both electrical and software engineering, with a particular interest in old computers and game consoles. You can contact me here.
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