Notice: LineageOS build repository discontinued.

Awhile back, I mentioned that my bandwidth was being consumed by a few bad actors out there who are scraping the entire LineageOS build repository.

This is still happening. It’s been especially bad over the past week.

I’ve been null-routing entire networks in an attempt to keep the service running while preventing jerks from hoovering the entire repo. It’s turned into a game of whack-a-mole, and honestly, providing this service isn’t worth the cycles I’m burning keeping things running for an indifferent “community”.

As of today, the LineageOS build service has been discontinued.

My build script is at for those who need security updates for their devices.

I’m very sorry to have to do this. I’m especially sorry towards the eight people who have donated over the past few years to support this service. This is why humans can’t have nice things.

About Chris Kobayashi

I'm a security systems engineer, specializing in UNIX, network, and physical security. I'm in Tokyo, and I'm mostly retired now. I'm well-versed in both electrical and software engineering, with a particular interest in old computers and game consoles. You can contact me here.
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4 Responses to Notice: LineageOS build repository discontinued.

  1. zitronenmelissa says:

    I want to say thank you for your work. Since I am a big fan of old moto phone generations, your builds always were a solid Android for daily drivers.
    I’m pretty sorry that some fools out there destroy so much good work just for fun. This is unnecessary. I sometimes don’t understand those things going on in the world.
    I always appreciated your work!

    Sincerely, Kerstin from Germany 🙂

  2. Alastair Jenkins says:

    I very much agree with Kerstin. Chris – thank you very much for your excellent series of builds of LOS 14.1 for nexus 5. Now I need to build them myself – so far my attempts have failed when I use the “default” instructions on , and I am trying to see how I can adapt your script “”

    • Alastair Jenkins says:

      I gave up trying to build for nexus 5, but I’ve successfully installed z3DD3r’s 17.1 binary on it [], so there’s hope for this device yet …

  3. Mykal says:

    Thanks, Chris, for your hard work. Nexus 7 (deb) user here, wishing you all the best

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