LineageOS 15.1 builds broken on Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

It looks like a commit last week to the 15.1 branch broke builds for hammerhead:

ERROR: /mnt/second/android/lineage15/packages/apps/LineageParts/src/org/lineageos/lineageparts/livedisplay/ config_enableLiveDisplay cannot be resolved or is not a field

I’m seeing discussion about this on other devices (, for example) that indicates that this isn’t isolated to hammerhead. It seems that devices that don’t have active maintainers weren’t updated to handle a feature change.

15.1 on hammerhead builds are going to fail until this is fixed.

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2 Responses to LineageOS 15.1 builds broken on Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

  1. Uwe Dodt says:


    I have the same problem to build 15.1 for Galaxy S9+.

    I just rolled back the following changes.

    Now it seems to compile ok. If it really works I will know later and report on it.

    Best regards

  2. Uwe Dodt says:

    just installed it and all seems to work as before.
    I just reverted the changes manually in the affected files.


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