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Refurbishing a Horizon 4000 RAMdisk

Ksarul and IM sent over a Horizon 4000 that wasn’t working right. To wit, it wouldn’t be detected at all by what passes for an OS on the TI-99/4A. got it working, and it didn’t take too long. Along the … Continue reading

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No more AtariAge.

Well, there I was basking in the warmth that was the TI-99/4A AtariAge forum. I felt comfortable, I was among friends (some of whom I wouldn’t like in real life, I think, but at least civil people). However, I forgot … Continue reading

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Internal power / disable switch for the Axiom Parallax printer interface

The Axiom Parallax sidecar Centronics printer interface has only nine chips inside, and they’re all small LS TTL glue. The console +5VDC supply should be able to handle the additional (minimal) current draw, especially if the console has an F18A … Continue reading

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