Why I am against RAM-based DSRs

Right, so there’s a non-negligible number of TI users that use hardware with their DSRs (device-specific firmware) in battery-backed RAM. This is a horrible, HORRIBLE idea … but I’m apparently having difficulty communicating to various users exactly why it’s a bad idea. “It’s worked for me for thirty years, all I need to do when […]

Refurbishing a Horizon HRD+ RAMdisk Card

I recently came into possession of an ancient Horizon HRD+ RAMdisk card for the TI-99/4A PEB. Not the 2000, 3000, or 4000 — the original model, designed by Bud Mills and Ron Gries circa 1986. It’s a variable-size RAM disk with battery-backed RAM. There’s a rudimentary charging circuit onboard, so that NiCad batteries can be […]