Real instructions on getting a Lantronix UDS-10 serial-to-Ethernet bridge working

The Lantronix UDS-10 is rather popular among the AtariAge TI-99/4A crowd. It’s basically one port of a Cisco 2511; it’s a bidirectional telnet-to-serial bridge. The TI folks use it to connect to the outside world, because it is extraordinarily unlikely that the TI will ever get even a ten-megabit PEB card, due to the screwed-up […]

Commodore 64 Infocom uIEC interpreters

I have disassembled, dissected, and modified the latest officially-released C64 interpreters to work with the uIEC without REU, and high-storage Commodore drives with REU or GeoRAM. The v4 interpreter allows the C128-only games to work on a C64. Infocom games, as released for the Commodore 64, are very tied to the 1541 disk format. Commodore […]

SSI Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms games modified for uIEC usage

Pool of Radiance (sourced from original, uIEC fixed, protection removed) The Curse of the Azure Bonds (sourced from original, uIEC fixed, protection removed) (uIEC XE2 fixed, thanks to blaupunk) The Secret of the Silver Blades (sourced from original, uIEC fixed, protection removed) The entire directory is here. These zipfiles should be extracted into directories on […]